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I am truly delighted to learn about the setting up of The English school in Bareilly. Uttar Pradesh, and indeed, India, are crying out for quality English medium schools that will give the students of the next generation great opportunities in the future. I am confident that the English school will contribute to the task of producing fine young Indian citizens who will truly make the country proud. The enthusiasm and commitment being shown in setting up the school is a positive sign: may the English school go from strength to strength and provide a great platform for the future. I wish the entire team of the school all success.

Rajdeep Sardesai
Rajdeep Sardesai Anchor, Editor, Columnist, Author '2014: The Election That Changed India'
Richa Aniruddha
Richa Aniruddha Anchor & Editor, School Live

I hope that THE ENGLISH SCHOOL focusses on sports, arts, culture, literature etc as much as studies. Its important that the uniqueness of every child is identified, encouraged and developed by the teachers and the school. What I also expect from thee school is that it prepares students to become responsible citizens of tomorrow, not only good professionals, but good human beings. And for this, a school needs to inculcate good values in its students, which is lacking in a lot of schools these days. THE ENGLISH SCHOOL is being developed by a renowned journalist Sanjeev Paliwal ji, and I am sure he is keep the overall development of every student in mind, not only some sharp or intelligent ones.

I wish THE ENGLISH SCHOOL all the best….

My best wishes to ‘ The English School’. Hope the school strive to provide a safe , harmonious and caring environment where all the students are challenged to reach their potential and to experience success in wide range of areas.

Pankaj Bhargava
Pankaj Bhargava Anchor & Sr Journalist, India TV
Ashutosh Rana
आशुतोष राणा अभिनेता

विद्यार्थी का अर्थ मात्र साक्षर होना नहीं,शिक्षित होना होता है। खाइयों को बाँटने का नहीं खाइयों को पाटने का हुनर शिक्षा है। आशा है आपके विद्यालय में मात्र अच्छे विद्यार्थियों का नहीं अच्छे व्यक्तियों का निर्माण होगा। हार्दिक शुभकामनाएँ।